WISE 2019 – Program

This Page contains trimmed session information for easy scanning. For full information on conference sessions, including paper discussants, estimated timing of individual papers, session chairs, and more, download the program PDF.



6:00pm – Reception with WITS @ Schloss Nymphenburg

Keynote: Paul Milgrom (Stanford)


Session 1 – 2:00pm to 4:00pm

15 mins per paper: 10 min presentation +4 min Q&A +1 min changeover

Track 1

Data, Privacy & Advertising (Room: Senatssaal, E110)

Paper Authors
Strategic Fit in Digital Transformation: Exploration vs. Exploitation in the Age of Cloud ComputingKristina McElheran and Wang Jin
The Welfare Effects of Access to Mobile DataMartin Quinn, Miguel Godinho de Matos and Christian Peukert
Economic Loss of Cookie Lifetime RestrictionsKlaus Miller and Bernd Skiera
Mobile Advertising as a Customer Retention Strategy: Evidence from a Randomized Field ExperimentAaron Cheng and Ting Li
The Impact of GDPR on Ad-Supported Content ProvidersVincent Lefrere, Logan Warberg, Cristobal Cheyre, Veronica Marotta and Alessandro Acquisti
Placement disclosure in ad auctions: Evidence from a policy changeSıla Ada, Nadia Abou Nabout and Elea McDonnell Feit
Quantifying Cross Channel Lift in Mobile App AdvertisingMichael Zhao and Sinan Aral
Do Firms Strategically Time Data Breach Announcements? Evidence from the US for 2008-2019Sebastian Schuetz and Jens Foerderer
Track 2

Theory (Room: A120)

Paper Authors
Algorithmic TransparencyQiaochu Wang, Yan Huang and Param Vir Singh
How Unbiased Predictive Algorithms Create Bias?Amit Mehra, James Zhang and Alok Gupta
The Tragedy of Your Upstairs Neighbors: Externalities of Home-SharingApostolos Filippas and John Horton
A Model for Value Co-Creation through Cross-Producer BundlesHemant Bhargava
Electoral Competition in the Age of Social Media: Implications on Party Policies and Media ReportsChao Ding, Wael Jabr and Hong Guo
Search Engine Advertising Strategies when Contracting with an Online Search Infomediary: A Game-Theoretic ModelSiddharth Bhattacharya, Abhishek Roy, Subodha Kumar and Sunil Wattal
Optimal Platform Price Discrimination and Measuring the Value of Network EffectsSeth Benzell and Avinash Collis
The Use of Fines to Enforce Data PortabilityVaarun Vijairaghavan, Barrie Nault and Hooman Hidaji
Track 3

Social Media & UGC (Room: A125)

Paper Authors
Meeting over Meat: How do Offline Meetups Impact Online Activity in a Hybrid Foodie Community?Yash Babar and Yuqing Ren
Online Exploration when Search Topic and Popularity Ranking Are Decoupled: Insights on Echo ChambersSagit Bar-Gill and Neil Gandal
The Filter Bubble Effect Of Algorithmic Ranking On Social MediaKayla Guangrui Li, Sunil Mithas, Zhixing Zhang and Kar Yan Tam
Spillover Effect of Hosting “Bad” Online Reviews: An Empirical InvestigationYulia Vorotyntseva, Subodha Kumar and Paul Pavlou
The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side? Tourist Bias in Online Restaurant RatingsHong Hong, Dapeng Xu, Qiang Ye and Michael Zhang
Facebook Paid Partnership: The Role of Relevance in Video SponsorshipShahryar Doosti, Stephanie Lee and Yong Tan
Finding Wisdom in the House: An Empirical Study on the Impact of Enterprise Social Media on Knowledge ExchangeBin Zhang, Yongcheng Zhan and Mingming He

Session 2 – 4:20pm to 6:20pm

15 mins per paper: 10 min presentation +4 min Q&A +1 min changeover

Track 1

Health & Human Capital (Room: Senatssaal, E110)

Paper Authors
Wifi Usage on Campus and Students Academic PerformanceRodrigo Belo, Pedro Ferreira, Yael Inbar and Ryan Turner
Engineering Value: The Returns to Technological Talent and Investments in Artificial IntelligenceDaniel Rock
The Role of Decision Support Systems in Attenuating Racial Biases in Healthcare DeliveryKartik Krishna Ganju, Hilal Atasoy, Brad Greenwood and Jeff McCullough
Effects of Intensity of Pushed/Pulled Health-Hazard Information on Online and Offline Treat-Coping ActivitiesYing-Qiu Dong, Khim-Yong Goh, Yunkun Zhao and Liwen Hou
Workplace Automation and the Gender Gap in College EnrollmentAmanda Chuan
Technological Standardization and the Generalizability of Human Capital: The Impact of Enabling Platform Technologies on Employee MobilityMilan Miric and Hakan Ozalp
Diversify or Specialize? Demand-Reputation Trade-offs and Career Paths in Online Labor MarketsMarios Kokkodis
The Interplay of People, Technology, and Organizational Practices in Algorithmic Decision Making: An Experimental Study with Reviewing Loan ApplicationsAnh Luong, Nanda Kumar and Karl Lang
Track 2

eCommerce & New Products/Technologies (Room: A120)

Paper Authors
Let’s go to the movies! Subscription Services and Box Office RevenueMingyue Zhang, Jesse Bockstedt and Tingting Song
Estimating the Value of Destination Disclosure: a Dynamic Structural Model in a Transportation NetworkWeilong Wang, Jinyang Zheng, Karthik Kannan and Fei Ren
Context-Dependent Preferences and Image-Based Deep-Learning RecommendationsHeeseung Andrew Lee, Kihwan Nam and Wonseok Oh
The Effect of Voice AI on Consumer Purchase and Search BehaviorChenshuo Sun, Zijun Shi, Xiao Liu and Anindya Ghose
Does Face Payment Affect Users’ Purchase Behavior? Evidence from a Natural ExperimentGen Li, Jing Wang and Jason Chan
The Impact of Airbnb’s Entry on Financial DelinquencyJinan Lin, Tingting Nian and Vijay Gurbaxani
Knowledge is Like Money: A Demand Estimation for Paid-Knowledge ProductsYue Jin, Jinyang Zheng, Jinghua Huang and Yong Tan
Status Downgrade: The Impact of Losing Status on a User Generated Content PlatformVandith Pamuru, Wreetabrata Kar and Warut Khern-Am-Nuai
Track 3

Crowds & Platforms (Room: A125)

Paper Authors
Birds of a Feather Flock Together (More) in the Age of Trump: Ethnic Homophily in CrowdfundingDeserina Sulaeman
Product-driven Entrepreneurs and Online Crowdfunding CampaignLin Hu, Zhenhua Wu and Bin Gu
Battle of Genders: A Large-Scale Empirical Analysis on Emotions, Gender, and Donations in Medical CrowdfundingYun Young Hur, Fujie Jin, Yuan Cheng, Xitong Li and Jeffrey Hu
Getting Behind Closed Doors: Developing Fan Engagement in Subscription-Based CrowdfundingYu-Kai Lin, Arun Rai and Yukun Yang
Cryptocurrency Innovations and ReturnsVasundhara Sharma, Ashish Agarwal and Anitesh Barua
Status (dis)Advantage: Effect of Stakeholder Diversity and Deviation in Group Norms in Online Matrimonial PlatformsSabari Rajan Karmegam, Anand Gopal and David Waguespack
The Secret to Finding Love: A Field Experiment of Choice Structure in Online Dating PlatformJaehwuen Jung, Hyungsoo Lim, Dongwon Lee and Chul Kim
Network Attraction: Quality vs. Availability in Two Sided MarketsKyungmin Lee, Nitin Joglekar and Marshall Van Alstyne


Session 1 – 8:30am to 10:00am

30 mins per paper: 20 min presentation + 5 min discussion + 4 mins Q&A

Track 1

Artificlal Intelligence A (Room: Senatssaal, E110)

Session Chair: Huang He

Paper Authors Discussant
The Impact of AI-powered Shelf Monitoring on Product Sales: Analysis of a Natural ExperimentYipu Deng, Jinyang Zheng, Liqiang Huang and Karthik KannanJason Chan
The Impacts of Prediction Technologies on Relational Contracts Parinaz Naghizadeh, Thanh Nguyen and Shai Vardi Chris Dellarocas
UnFair Machine Learning AlgorithmsRunshan Fu, Manmohan Aseri, Param Vir Singh and Kannan SrinivasanLizhen Xu
Track 2

Online Finance (Room: A120)

Session Chair: Hongyan Xu

Paper Authors Discussant
Gender Gaps in Equity Crowdfunding: Evidence from a Randomized Field ExperimentSofia Bapna and Martin GancoOhad Barzilay
Tradable Tokens, Demand Discovery and Funding for New Ventures Yannis Bakos and Hanna Halaburda VC Choudhary
How Does Big Data Impact Small Investors’ Decision Quality? Evidence from a Natural ExperimentTaha Havakhor, Mohammad Saifur Rahman, Tianjian Zhang and Chenqi ZhuKeongtae Kim
Track 3

News A (Room: A125)

Session Chair: Jorg Claussen

Paper Authors Discussant
Extended Abstract on the Use of Personal Data for Crafting and Precision Targeting of Fake News Eric K Clemons Soumya Sen
Effects of Content Sourcing Strategy on Online News Subscription Xiaoli Yang and Nachiketa Sahoo Jorg Claussen
How Media Ownership Impacts Information Skews: A Study of Televised News Using Massive-Scale Text Transcripts Kai Zhu and Dylan Walker Shawndra Hill

Session 2 – 10:20am to 11:50pm

30 mins per paper: 20 min presentation + 5 min discussion + 4 mins Q&A

Track 1

Video Media (Room: Senatssaal, E110)

Session Chair: Brett Danaher

Paper Authors Discussant
Disrupting Class: Using Video Analytics and Machine Learning to Understand Student Behavior OnlineMi Zhou, George Chen, Pedro Ferreira and Michael SmithDokyun Lee
The Impact of Internet Water Armies on Online and Offline media: An Analysis of Movie Industry Xueyan Yin, Ying Liu, Pei-Yu Chen and Zhan Shi Brett Danaher
Cross-channel Engagement: The Effect of Mobile TV Streaming on Traditional TV ViewershipKatsiaryna Siamionava, Sabyasachi Mitra, Sridhar Narasimhan, Yevgeniy Puzyrev and Leting WuAnanya Sen
Track 2

User Generated Content (Room: A120)

Session Chair: Sagit Bar-Gill

Paper Authors Discussant
Chat More and Contribute Better: An Empirical Study of a Knowledge-sharing CommunityXiaomeng Chen, Chris Forman and Michael KummerBrad Greenwood
Peer Recognition Increases Content Generation but Reduces Content Novelty Gordon Burtch, Qinglai He, Yili Hong and Dokyun Lee Anjana Susarla
Do Curation Algorithms Amplify the Effect of Trolls on Users?Amy Pei and Dina MayzlinSagit Bar-Gill
Track 3

Crowds & Platforms A (Room: A125)

Session Chair: Olga Slivko

Paper Authors Discussant
Search Frictions, Sorting and Matching in Two-Sided MarketsHyesung Yoo, Song Yao, Ravi Bapna and Jui RamaprasadRodrigo Belo
Do corporate contributions spur innovative activity in online crowdsourced goods? Evidence from the Linux kernel Do Yoon Kim and Mike Teodorescu Olga Slivko
Effects of Individualistic, Cooperative, Competitive, and Coopetitive Gamification on Fitness Mobile App Use: A Longitudinal Field ExperimentJun Zhang, Qiqi Jiang, Wenping Zhang, Lele Kang, Paul Lowry and Xiong ZhangJui Ramaprasad

PLENARY SESSION – 12:45pm to 1:45pm

15 mins per paper: 10 min presentation + 4 min Q&A + 1 min changeover

BEST PAPER NOMINEES (Room: Große Aula, E120)

Plenary Session Chair: Miguel Godinho de Matos

Paper Authors
Network centralization and collective intelligence: a randomized experimentJesse Shore, Ethan Bernstein and Alice Jayoung Jang
Product Variety and Asymmetric Competition: Scalable Market Mapping using Customer JourneysMadhav Kumar, Dean Eckles and Sinan Aral
The Editor vs. the Algorithm: Returns to Data and Externalities in Online NewsJorg Claussen, Christian Peukert & Ananya Sen
Cross-Sampling Physical Products Through E-Commerce Warehouses: Experimental Evidence from Alibaba Brian Rongqing Han, Tianshu Sun, Leon Yang Chu and Lixia Wu

SESSION 3 – 2:05pm to 3:35pm

30 mins per paper: 20 min presentation + 5 min discussion + 4 mins Q&A

Track 1

News 2 (Room: Senatssaal, E110)

Session Chair: Panos Adamopolous

Paper Authors Discussant
Cure or Poison? Identity Verification and the Creation of Fake News on Social MediaShuting Ada Wang, Min-Seok Pang and Paul A. PavlouPanos Adamopolous
Do Ads Harm News Consumption? Shunyao Yan, Klaus Miller and Bernd Skiera Kiron Ravindran
Spillovers from Online Engagement: The Effects of Digital Paywall Activation on Subscriber Revenue and RetentionEric Overby, Adithya Pattabhiramaiah and Lizhen XuRavi Bapna
Track 2

Mobile & Social (Room: A120)

Session Chair: Edward McFowland III

Paper Authors Discussant
The impact of social media usage on academic performance and well-being: Evidence from a randomized controlled trialAvinash Collis and Felix EggersBill Rand
Can Peer Influence Hamper Success? Exploring Numerous Products’ Diffusion Processes in a Social Platform Neta Livneh, Lev Muchnik and Jacob Goldenberg Edward McFowland III
Location-Based Mobile Targeting: Push or Pull?Dominik Molitor, Martin Spann, Anindya Ghose and Philipp ReichhartSanjeev Dewan
Track 3

Crowds & Platforms B (Room: A125)

Session Chair: Vilma Todri

Paper Authors Discussant
Dog Eat Dog: Measuring Returns to Scale Using a Digital Platform MergerChiara Farronato, Jessica Fong and Andrey FradkinDave Holtz
Impact of Quality-Tiering in a Sharing Economy Platform: Evidence from Airbnb Jooho Kim, Sanjeev Dewan and Tingting Nian Vilma Todri
Friend or Foe? Bike-sharing and Ride-sharing in New York CityYoung-Jin Kwon, Seonkyung Agnes Yang, Sang-Yong Tom Lee and Seung Hyun KimXitong Li

SESSION 4 – 3:35pm to 5:05pm

30 mins per paper: 20 min presentation + 5 min discussion + 4 mins Q&A

Track 1

Dark Side (Room: Senatssaal, E110)

Session Chair: Michail Batikas

Paper Authors Discussant
In Reviews We Trust: The Dark Side of Review Incentive ProgramsGabriela Alves Werb and Thomas PaulDominik Gutt
Shedding Light on the Dark: The Impact of Legal Enforcement on Darknet Transactions Jason Chan, Shu He, Dandan Qiao and Andrew Whinston Michail Batikas
Evaluating the Economic and Security Benefits of Bug Bounty ProgramJiali Zhou and Kai-Lung HuiByungjoon Yoo
Track 2

Data & Privacy (Room: A120)

Session Chair: Idris Adjerid

Paper Authors Discussant
Delaying Informed Consent: An Empirical Investigation of Mobile Apps’ Upgrade DecisionsRaveesh Mayya and Siva ViswanathanBeibei Li
Fear of Losing Financial Information? Testing the Enhanced APCO Framework in the Context of Mobile Banking Laura Brandimarte, Marco Terlizzi, Otavio Sanchez and Sue Brown Idris Adjerid
How to Sell a Dataset? Pricing Policies for Data MonetizationSameer Mehta, Milind Dawande, Ganesh Janakiraman and Vijay MookerjeeMin-Seok Pang
Track 3

Artificial Intelligence B (Room: A125)

Session Chair: Hilal Atasoy

Paper Authors Discussant
Occupational Change: Automation and Reskilling RisksSebastian Steffen and Erik BrynjolfssonHilal Atasoy
AI vs. Human: The Effect of Artificial Intelligence-Based Mobile Interventions on Health Behavior Change Nakyung Kyung, Hyeokkoo Eric Kwon and Sanghee Lim Tuan Phan
Adoption of Predictive Analytics: Impact of Model InterpretabilityDaehwan Ahn, Abdullah Almaatouq and Kartik HosanagarMarkus Weinmann